Shock Corridor: The First Inside Report from an ICE Mental-Health Facility

ICE shut down a hotline for detained immigrants after it was featured on ‘Orange Is the New Black’

Miami New Times: “Activists Say ICE Banned Them From Helping Immigrants After Protest”


Miami Congressional Candidate Visits ICE Detention Center, Will Refuse Private-Prison Money


Miami Herald: They protested against ICE and now they are paying the price, activists say


Local 10: Protesters arrested hours after gathering on street outside ICE field office in Miramar


YouTube: WLRN Coverage about our Krome Visitation ProgramVisitors talk about their experiences visiting Krome immigrant prison

Circle of Protection Toy Giveaway:

2. 3. VoyageMIA: Meet Bud Conlin of Friends of Miami-Dade Detainees (FOMDD) TIME: How the 14,000 Migrant Children in Federal Custody Will Spend Christmas

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