“This organization gives support and a voice to immigrants who’s human rights are violated daily inside immigrant detention centers. They provide support, legal aid, and invaluable information of the way these detention centers work to allow families of detainees to navigate this painful and difficult situation. They also support folks at the Miramar location where dozens of people go to check-in with ICE and give them water and food while they stand in the hot sun for hours with their children. Please give what you can. ” – MVR-

Please consider donating to our non-profit our organization is 100% volunteer run and help us #endisolation.

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Please consider donating to our non-profit. Our organization is 100% volunteer-run which means that all our expenses are covered through our fundraising and out of our own pockets.   Your donation will go towards assisting immigrants when they are released, transportation back to their loved ones, making phone calls to their attorneys and families, and other basic necessities while in detention.

Central Processing Center or CPC for Border Patrol

Thank you!

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