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Abolish ICE by Carlos Valnera


Visit with us!
We operate visitation programs at Broward Transitional Center in Pompano Beach, Glades County Jail in Moore Haven, and Krome immigrant prison in Miami. Join us in visiting with people wrongfully imprisoned due to their immigration status. We offer each person we visit with friendship, a link to legal help, phone time, books and post-release support.
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64602282_10159502198854815_6645131112123203584_nOffer comfort to immigrants checking in with ICE.
Each day hundreds of immigrants are forced to wait outside in long lines for hours on end, with no protection from the intense sun or rain, to check in at the Miramar ICE center. After waiting for hours, they can be told to come back another day or even be arrested and deported.  Join us every Wednesday outside the Miramar ICE facility as we share water, snacks and solidarity with our neighbors going to their ICE check-in appointments. Visit the Miramar Circle of Protection page for current events.

Join or Support our Women’s Empowerment Group
Dr. Peggy hosts a bi-weekly support group for people who identify as undocumented women and others affected by the deportation machine. Email for more info on how to support or join!



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