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Abolish ICE by Carlos Valnera


Join our Krome Detention Visitation Program:

Krome Service Processing Center in southwest Miami confines over 600 people because of their immigration status. We are able to visit 7 days a week including evenings and weekends. You do not need to speak Spanish or any other language to visit, all are welcome. Please see Contact Form below to sign up.


64602282_10159502198854815_6645131112123203584_nEach day hundreds of immigrants are forced to wait outside in long lines for hours on end, with no protection from the intense sun or rain, to check in at the Miramar ICE center. They have little no access to restrooms or a place to rest. After waiting for hours on end, they can be told to come back another day or even arrested and deported.  #endisolation

Join us every Wednesday outside the Miramar ICE facility as we share water, snacks and solidarity with our neighbors going to their ICE check-in appointments.

Comfort, Witness and Resist with us at the Miramar Circle of Protection

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