Dear Readers,

As some of you know, our visiting program for immigrants detained at Krome Detention Center in Miami has been around for approximately four years. In all those years, FOMDD has received numerous letters from our friends in immigration detention, some expressing gratitude, and a quite a few telling their stories.

Some of our friends have requested that we share their stories. In the spirit of bringing awareness about immigration reform, FOMDD will start posting some of their letters under our Blog. These letters tell a very intimate story about their lives and shed some light into the struggles that our friends and their families face every day.

Although some people in these letters may still be in detention, or some have been sent back to their countries, maybe even released and are now living in the United States, one thing is clear, these letters send a powerful message to all of us… a message of love, perseverance, strength but also of injustice at the hands of an immigration system that is broken.

We’ve changed people’s names on the letters to protect their identities.

Some of the letters have been written in Spanish or in other languages. We have translated them into English keeping any editing to a minimum to preserve the essence of their message.

Please read carefully, with an open heart and full of compassion.

The link below will take you to our first letter from John who is still in detention.

Letters from behind Immigration Bars

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